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Understanding money is a Net Monetary Assets are cash and
other assets that have similar properties with cash. Some
even interpret the same funds with all assets owned com-
panies .The dened as investment funds and claims against
the investment, which includes non-cash transactions. The
objective of practical work or internship activities at PT.
Ersa Trinisyah Pratama is to know working capital between
the period 2006 - 2007, to determine the source of working
capital is obtained and the use of working capital, to deter-
mine the factors that cause structural changes in working
capital. In achieving its research goals through activities
kerj a practice or internship at PT. Primary Ersa Trinisyah
used method is to follow all work rules applicable to the
PT. Ersa Trinisyah Primary, direct observation (observa-
tion), held the interview (interview), and conduct library
research to obtain data that can support the writing of
Field Work Report to increase the number of references
by reading books related to selected issues Working capital
can be from the sum of Cash and Cash Equivalents, Other
Current Assets, Accounts Payable, Aviliasi Debt, Other
Debt, Revenue Expenses, Accumulated Depreciation of Rp.
6,884,548,587.53 and the use of working capital is obtained
from the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Receivable Avil-
iasi, Other Receivables, Advance Tax, Advance Purchasing,
Fixed Assets After Depreciation, Paid upfront fee of Rp.
6.746.071.124.40. Of reports on the use of these funds, it
appears that the prominent use of the funds is for Accounts
Receivable and Fixed Assets and Accumulated Deprecia-
tion due located in the company's credit position has the
advantage. Penamaan File: 30205901

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