Deposit Procedure Employees at the De- partment of Cooperatives (KPDK).

Yuwan Valnando


Cooperative is a business entity consisting
of a person or entity other cooperatives and aimed for the
welfare of members in particular and society in general. In
running his business, the cooperative needs working cap-
ital, one of which can be derived from members' savings.
The purpose in writing the Job Training Report is to nd
savings on service procedures Cooperative Ministry of Co-
operatives (KPDK), including procedures for withdrawal of
deposits and savings by the members making procedures.
Methods of work practices implemented in a way that is
by collecting data, either through eld studies and inter-
views. Cooperative Ministry of Cooperatives (KPDK) has
three types of deposits in the Savings and Loans Unit, are:
Main Deposit. Compulsory Savings and Deposit Voluntary.
In the service of deposits, the cooperative members can di-
rectly go to the store can also deposit the cooperative or
through a bank. However, to capture savings, members can
only take it through the direct deposit. The third service
procedures can be done well and there are no irregulari-
ties in the implementation. Nevertheless, there remains the
problem of delay savings deposits by members. However
this is overcome by the cooperative to distribute the notice
to members is problematic. Penamaan File: 41208542

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