Every BKN good government institutions and non-departmental
agencies use the budget department of the state budget
where the budget should be managed properly. For the
management of that budget must come through the stages
which have been arranged by a government order to ensure
the realization of the budget in line with expectations of
government and society. Then the government makes a bud-
get enforcement mechanism to implement the budget guide-
lines. The method used in data collection was through ob-
servation at BKN during the internship, interview with the
employee and the chief nancial ocer and author of book
study used as reference material for a better understand-
ing of the mechanisms of budget execution. Mechanism of
state budget execution begins, the Institute is concerned
submit details of activities next year to approve the nance
minister issued and DIPA. After that satker can withdraw
funds in accordance with the DIPA. The user then formed
the Budget / Power of PA which is authorized in all budget
expenditures and sign the SPM, and then proceed with the
issuance of the appointment of KDP SPP and SPM which
will be submitted to the next KPPN to publish SP2D ac-
cording to the SPM as a realization of payment. After the
payment process and dealings with third parties completed
the Actual Budget Report made on each period. LRA will
be made and delivered in stages through the Oce of the
Director General of Treasury as a form of accountability in
the use of the budget Penamaan File: 41208291

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