Jono Sadikin


PT. Yudhisthira Components is a manufacturer of spare parts
engaged in the automotive field. Have expertise in making the car chassis,
which has the quality and international product standards. to support
smoothness of the production process we need a good purchase system
within the company.
Field Work Practice activities are carried out in PT Yudhisthira
Components, Purchasing Unit is located at Jalan Haji Wahhab Affan Km 28
Purple cottage, Jakarta. Field Work practices are implemented for a
months commencing on July 5, 2010 until August 5, 2010
the Purchasing division.
The results of the practice field to provide information that the purchase of goods
conducted in person and via telephone, namely the purchase of new goods can be
processed after all the necessary documents are complete. treatment
Accounting of the company to record the activities that require
inputting Journal and Journal of Purchasing and cash disbursements. The purchase process
consists of several procedures starting from the letter making the request
goods, making purchase orders, goods receipts. In general the process
purchases are in accordance with existing accounting rules. Any activity that
require the approval of the competent authority is required signatures
and authorization in accordance with applicable policies.

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