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Ā Mortgage lending procedure is a standard provision in giv-
ing credit to its customers to obtain mortgages with terms
provided by PT. BRI. In Field Work Report is intended
to study in more detail how the mortgage lending proce-
dures in PT. BRI, to nd out what the requirements are
in need of applying for mortgage loans and asked to com-
plete the requirements to achieve expert Associate's degree
from the University of Gunadarma. Information relating
to procedure BRI mortgage loan obtained by the authors
based on direct by doing practical work, observation and
interviews with sta to get the data - the data is accurate
truth. While the author uses literature search of references
to books books that relate to the title are made, so it can
help in writing this. The result is if a debtor wants to apply
for credit then the debtor must apply to the Bank BRI, after
which the Bank will verify the data - data that the contents
of the debtor and analyze it, then do an interview with the
debtor and the meeting which was attended by ocials of
the Bank, further if the Bank agreed to provide credit to
borrowers that loan disbursements will be made. but there
are steps - steps that should be through by the prospective
borrower who apply for credit that is intended to keep the
Bank always be - careful in giving credit to avoid bad credit.

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