Sales is
the ultimate goal of a company's activities in achieving the
principal objectives of the company. The main objectives
that must be considered is the use of a good sales system. As
for weaknesses or constraints obstacles often encountered in
the system is running in order to deal with is an increase in
sales resulted from sales on credit policy, the company will
increase the amount of receivables owned by the company
and cause other problems namely the losses caused by the
existence of accounts receivable uncollectible. The author
has the objective to know the process of buying and sell-
ing in a trading company. Knowing the amount of revenues
and expenditures are obtained in the CV. Satya Graha of
trading activity. Knowing the credit sales procedure on
the CV. Satya Graha know the strengths and weaknesses
in the system of credit sales. credit sales at the company's
procedure is still there are weaknesses, which can be billed
receivables that do not result in expected investment plan is
not implemented. Then the company should do the healthy
controls over accounts receivable which must go through a
process of planning and supervision. Leadership must be
more thorough, active and accurate and can plan cash
in the right time and the expected goals.

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