Analysis Bank Reconciliation at PT. Fertil- izer Sriwidjaja Jakarta Representative Oce

Mardiyanti Mardiyanti


Bank Reconciliation is to deposit any receipts
to the bank, and where any payment is made by check.
The importance of reconciliation information on the com-
pany, then in calculations to distinguish between the record
company's cash and cash according to bank records. The
purpose of writing this report the practical work is to in-
vestigate the nancial accounting procedures in reconciling
the bank in a company. The method used is the Field Stud-
ies, Interviews and Library Studies. The collection of data
in the form of important documents relating to the mate-
rial statements of work practices. The results obtained in
the implementation of practical work, among others, can
nd expenditures that have been done by the company, but
has not been recorded by the bank. The conclusion that
can be described from the results obtained are issued every
transaction must be recorded to prevent recording errors.

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