BTN payroll system and Wage

Muhammad Rizal Ollong


: Payroll and Wage System In State Savings Bank Branch
Oces are generated from processes that are based on re-
liable data are correct, so the system generated payroll
and wage presents a precise and useful information. Re-
muneration system and ling of payroll simple, easy and
fast. Prospective customers can apply for saving money
on BTN Quickly and Safely in Branch Oce or Branch of
Service Units throughout Indonesia. The practical work
was done in order to nd out how the Wage and Payroll
System that occurred in the State Savings Bank Branch
Oces and knowing how to study and wage calculation sys-
tem on nance at the State Savings Bank Branch Oces,
Jakarta. Job Training methods are applied in order to nd
out information on payroll and wage system of payment of
salary pengawai the State Savings Bank is to pay attention
to the workings of the State Savings pengawai Baank, and
employee interviews to state savings banks. Based on the
results of practical work undertaken in Branch Oces BTN
can be seen from Pengajian and Remuneration System has
had stages in accordance with applicable rule

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