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With the growing economy of
a country, also increasing the demand / need for project
funding to nance development projects . However,
government funds are sourced from the state budget is
very limited funds to cover the above, therefore holding the
government and encourage private parties to participate
role in nancing economic development potential of the
nation. Indonesia, a country predominantly Muslim, has
long craved the presence of an appropriate system of
nancial institutions is not limited to nancial demands
but also the demands of morality. The purpose of practical
work done is to nd out how the system of nancing the
Micro Shop, to nd out how to target the nancing system,
to analyze how the results of micro-nancing systems
on Shop at Bank Syariah Mandiri. The method used in
writing in order to obtain a more secure data completeness
and validity, the method of data collection consisted of
interviews and observations. Methods of analysis of the de-
cision made is accepted or rejected the proposed nancing
by the client to the Public Micro is by way of considering
the recommendation Scoring Application Micro (ASM),
conducted in accordance with applicable regulations and
consider the feasibility of nancing done by using data and
information standards and the results of customer requests
(on the spot) performed by the Micro Loan Ocer (MAO).
Results and conclusions of this PPR is there some process
that must be done in the form of micro-nance business
nance marketing, nancing application, verication,
appraisal, and analysis of nancing, nancing approval,
nancing administration, and disbursement of nancing
and documentation. Micro nancing targets includes 2
(two) ie Micro Individuals or business entities that form a
Limited Liability Company (PT), cooperatives, CV and not
xed-income rm (Non golbertap) and Micro Individuals
who earn xed (Golbertap) by source of payment based
on salary / xed income. The results of the analysis
of micro-nancing system has been done by the Main
Branch of Bank Syariah Mandiri Depok is already good at.

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