Analysis of Satisfaction Employee AIG Life Centre in Karawaci, Lippo Bank Credit Card Holders To Customer Service Facilities Against Lippo Bank.



writing aims to determine whether the services provided by
the credit card issuing bank Lippo Bank has fullled the
expectations of its customers in writing that this is an em-
ployee of AIG Life Center Karawaci. With the creation of
a positive interaction between the two parties ie the bank
with the customer then, Lippo Bank as a credit card issuer
to nd out what is really needed by customers ie employ-
ees Karawaci AIG Life Center. In this study using primary
data obtained from questionnaires directly to the spread
of AIG employees who hold Karawaci Life Center Lippo
Bank's credit card. The questionnaire consisted of various
items of statements about aspects of credit card products
and services provided by the Lippo Bank. Samples taken in
this study were 50 respondents from 113 populations who
hold a credit card at Bank Lippo Karawaci AIG Life Cen-
ter using assistive devices questionnaire with simple random
sampling method. The research objective was to determine
the type of services that can be applied to meet customer
satisfaction and to identify any variables that could signif-
icantly aect the eciency of mutual services provided by
the Lippo Bank. Having to test the validity and reliability,
followed by test correlation with the calculation of Spear-
man's rho and factor analysis, it is known that the service
Staed by the most expected by the customer is Lippo Con-
nect that can meet and answer all the needs required about
credit card customers Lippo Bank and ATM as a conve-
nient means of payment and fast in the deal. So the two
things that must be optimized by the Bank Lippo Lippo
Bank in order to be able to compete healthily against other
banks, especially in the vicinity Karawaci. Penamaan File:

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