Anisa Fitri


Any transaction involving cash and
uence. Therefore it is necessary registration and a good
accounting system of cash, both in terms of expenditure
and receipt of cash. This is done to anticipate the occur-
rence of irregularities on cash, but it's a good accounting
system needed to support the company's internal control.
The method used in the preparation of the writer Job
Training Report is the documentation, observation and
interviews. Cash receipts in PT Pertamina Tongkang
derived from the proceeds of repayment of advances and
receivables, functions related to cash receipts accounting
system of PT Pertamina Tongkang the agency functions,
accounting functions, and functions tresury. Documents
used in the accounting system of cash receipts from the
repayment of advances and receivables, the procedure of
order execution services, cash receipts procedures, and
internal control systems implemented agency company
which is a function separate from the accounting and
cash, system of authorization and recording performed
by employees authorities, BKM serial numbered printed,
and calculation of periodic balances Cash receipts system
that is applied Barge PT Pertamina is in accordance with
the procedures and criteria for the company's internal
control. The author expects the use of new software that
is immediately realized that the smart system functions
related to work processes integrated so companies can
more eectively and eciently.

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