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Banks have
two sources of income include: Interest Spreads (interest
income) which is obtained from the dierence in interest
on the loan with interest rates of deposits and fee income
base (non-interest income) earned from trading income and
service fees. In non-interest income of banks is ABC do-
ing import and export achievement of the targets to gain
prot. Method of payment Letter of Credit or Letter of
Credit undocumented regarded as an ideal method of pay-
ment. Therefore, its implementation involves the activities
of banking services, each of which are in dierent countries,
it is deemed highly necessary to t the way the payments
made by the banks in the form of regulations that contain
either the nature of uniformity in the way, and about un-
derstanding. Method of payment by L / C of course not be
separated from the terms and conditions stipulated by the
parties concerned. One of the requirements, was that pay-
ment can only be implemented if the bank had submitted
the documents that formally meets the specied require-
ments in the L / C. Usance transactions that occurred in
the L / C Import is an important discussion because the
inside was related to the method of recording a wide range
of futures transactions occurring in international trade with
the Letter of Credit. Where streams are discussed transac-
tions. Starting from the payment contained in the importer
to how the recording process when done futures methods.

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