Purchase of spare parts in the account- ing system of PT Kopaja Persero

Prunasari Prunasari


Purchase accounting system is one part of
the accounting system used each company. Every company
must have a system which dier from each other. The
situation is in
uenced by the size of activities as well as
internal factors and other external factors. The purpose of
the CGC is to determine how well the purchasing system
at PT Kopaja. Judging from the parts that are relevant,
a document that is used, the accounting records used and
how internal control is applied to the PT Kopaja what
is in conformity with the prevailing theory of purchasing
system. The method used by writer is eld studies that
view went straight PT. Kopaja to obtain the data that the
authors need, a second method that is book study books
on data from the accounting system.

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