Table of Contents


English Gerunds FULL PAPER
The Romantic Elements in William Blakes Poems (A Stylistic Approach) FULL PAPER
Aga Juanata
Existentialism Values of Mary Stuart, Tanya Thomas, and Zoe Philip as re ected in Danielle Steels The Ranch. FULL PAPER
Annisa Dwi D. K
Strategies in Translating English Similes into Indonesian FULL PAPER
Annisa Rianty
Two Word Verbs and Idiomatic Expressions in Children's Short Stories. FULL PAPER
Ayu Dwi Sa tri
Schizophrenia of Naoko on Haruki Murakamis Norwegian Wood (A Psychological Approach) FULL PAPER
Cholid Cholid
Moral Values as Re ected in Children Short Stories FULL PAPER
Defi tri Kusuma Wardani
The Characteristics of Tracy Whitney in If Tomorrow Comes FULL PAPER
Ivo Angelia
The Translation Strategies Employed by the Translator in Translating Marketing Terms into Indonesian FULL PAPER
Latifa Noviana
Stylistics in Tourism Advertising Language in the DestinAsian Magazines FULL PAPER
Meriska Yosiana
Characteristics of Bella Swan in the Novel New Moon FULL PAPER
Mochammad Arya Rizky
The Eectiveness of Using Pictures and Songs in Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners FULL PAPER
Neng Asih
An Analysis on Figure of Speech in John Donne Poetry FULL PAPER
Vidia Puspita
The Analysis of Pejoration and Amelioration in Alice Walkers The Color Purple FULL PAPER
Yunawati Yunawati
The Translation of If in Conditional Sentences FULL PAPER
Tika Rizky Norwanti
Inaccuracy in the Translation of Childrens Short Stories Made By Google Machine Translation FULL PAPER
Nor Anisah Jamil
A Comparative Study on the Meaning of Colors in Minang and British Cultures: A Semiotics Study FULL PAPER
Reska Susanti
The Mastery Level of Using Verb in Simple Present in SMPN 16 FULL PAPER
Citra Noviadona Nurindah Sari
A Psychological Approach of Doctor Austin Slopers Character in Washington Square By Henry James FULL PAPER
A Psychological Approach on Harry Silvers Character in the Novel Man and Wife FULL PAPER
Devi Yolandasari
Function of Can as Modal in The Jakarta Post FULL PAPER
Dewi Wulan Sari
Self-Actualization In Sir Arthur Conan Doyles The Sign Of Four: A Psychological Approach. FULL PAPER
Galuh Pramestia Ningrum
The Moral Values of Alex Pruitt in the Film Home Alone 3 FULL PAPER
Moral Analysis on Dr. Paige Taylor As Main Character in Nothing Lasts Forever FULL PAPER
Ian Maulana
The Strategy of Guiding Tourist at National Monument FULL PAPER
A Translation of What is Linguistics? FULL PAPER
Rizki Apriliastari
An Error Analysis of Singular and Plural Noun at Fifth Grade in SDN Jaka Setia 4 Bekasi FULL PAPER
Trias Rahmadini
Anxiety as Re ected in Lottie Wilkinss Character of Elizabeth Von Arnims The Enchanted April FULL PAPER
Inna Siti Nur Khasanah