Lusia Leny Nay, Sudjana Sudjana


In this research the writer wants to analyze a biography of K.H. Ahmad
Dahlan, written by Adi Nugraha. The writer chooses that book because K.H.
Ahmad Dahlan is a famous person. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan is also one of the
heroes of Indonesia. This research is important because a book report is
completely factual, in this research the writer tried to explain about the whole
content of the book includes the story, title, place and year of publication,
summary of the book, and comment of the book. A book review is critical work
undertaken by a reader in order to accomplish certain function, among which
are analyses of the work, explication of content and it's absorption into the
personal and professional arsenal of the reviewer's mind. The writer chooses
the book of √ĘBiography of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan for making book report
because it is one of the important and interesting subject to discuss and the
writer wants to know further about his life, his career, and his struggle to
disseminate Muhammadiyah. From this book reader can learn about K.H.
Ahmad Dahlan's life.

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