An Error Analysis of Singular and Plural Noun at Fifth Grade in SDN Jaka Setia 4 Bekasi

Trias Rahmadini


The English which is learnt by
the students, is an important language for face the global
era. Writer takes Singular and Plural Noun, because Singu-
lar and Plural Noun are basic of study for students to learn
English, and Singular and Plural Noun are introduced in
Elementary School. In this scientic writing, the writer an-
alyzes how far the students of SDN Jaka Setia 4 understand
in using Singular and Plural Noun. The writer wants to nd
out how far the students understand about Singular and
Plural Noun. Quantitative method and qualitative method
are used by the writer to solve the problem. The writer
gave questioners in analyzing the errors of fth grade of
SDN Jaka Setia 4 in Singular and Plural Noun. The ques-
tioner is in multiple choice which consists of 20 questions
given to 40 students as a sample. After data had been an-
alyzed the writer found that fth grade students in SDN
Jaka Setia 4 in understanding about Singular and Plural
Noun was in Below Average or Poor.

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