A Translation of What is Linguistics?

Rizki Apriliastari


Translation can be
generally dened as the action of interpretation of the mean-
ing of a text, and production of an equivalent text that com-
municates the same message in another language. A good
translator is someone who has a comprehensive knowledge
of both source and target languages. One of the most im-
portant points to consider in the act of translating is under-
standing the value of the source text within the framework
of the source-language discourse. To develop this under-
standing, the translator must be aware of the cultural dif-
ferences and the various discoursal strategies in the source
and target languages. Therefore, the hidden structure of the
source text should be discovered through the use of various
discoursal strategies by the translator. In this paper, the
writer is going to translate a Linguistics book especially on
chapter 1 entitled What is Linguistics? of a book entitled
Descriptive Linguistics An Introduction. which was written
by Winfred P. Lehmann Without causing a missunderstand-
ing to the reader. This book explains about introduction of
Linguistics. By translating this book into Indonesian the
writer hopes that the readers will be able to understand it
by reading this translated language will not be a great bar-
rier anymore for those who do not understand.

Key words:
Translation, Linguistics, Introduction

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