The Strategy of Guiding Tourist at National Monument



This research entitled The strategy of guiding tourist at
National Monument Jakarta as the information center of
tourism. It is Chosen because the writer is very interested
in the activities of tourist guides, both domestic and for-
eign tourists guide. The problems of this research are what
the obstacles of guiding tourist in National Monument are,
what the strategies of guiding tourist in National Monu-
ment are and how the comparison between the existing
theory and reality in National Monument are. The aims
of this research are to determine what strategy to guide
and implement the eld. The method used in this report
is descriptive method that comprehensively describes some
of the activities carried out guides, strategies and support-
ing factors that should be known by a guide. Technique of
collecting data to support the creation of this report are
derived from the study of literature as from the internet,
books and observation at the National Monument, Jakarta.
The scope of the research are strategies, obstacles and crit-
ical factors that should be known guide in guiding tourist.
There are four important factors that should be known by
a guide are information, mastery language, social skills and
learn the ins and outs of operating a travel agent. There
are many obstacles in guiding tourist. Guide, facilities and
infrastructure are lacking and limited in National Monu-
ment. In guiding tourists, a tur guide must giving a good
rst impression, as initiated by giving a smile and scowl-
faced. In give some commentar, guide must say the word
clearly, building a relationship with the tourists give respect
or greeting before the tourists who di it.

Key word: Guide,
National Monument, Strategy, Tourism

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