Moral Analysis on Dr. Paige Taylor As Main Character in Nothing Lasts Forever

Ian Maulana


This is a descriptive
analytical study on moral of a character in a novel entitled
Nothing Lasts Forever. This study aims to nd out the rea-
sons of Dr. Paige Taylor as the main character in the novel
in doing euthanasia and nd out the moral of that action.
This study uses qualitative method. The result of this study
is the reasons of Dr. Paige Taylor are Dr. Paige Taylor felt
sorry for John Cronin, whose illness was unbearable and
Dr. Paige Taylor was to relieve her patient suerings, and
the action of Dr. Paige doing euthanasia, is seen from The
Hippocratic Oath, Duties of Physicians in General, Code of
Medical Ethics of the Delegate Committee of the Finnish
Medical Association, and Code of Medical Ethics Indone-
sia, is bad (or it is strictly prohibited) in medical ethics.
Keyword: Euthanasia, Code of Medical Ethics, Moral

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