The Moral Values of Alex Pruitt in the Film Home Alone 3



The problem of this research is in-
vestigation moral values of Alex Pruitt in the lm Home
Alone 3 is one of the interesting. Aims of this research is
to nd out moral values of character Alex Pruitt in the lm
Home Alone 3. And this research used qualitative descrip-
tive method. The reason why the writer chooses this topic,
because the writer believes that it would give a new mean-
ing in general. The writer hopes this thesis will show a large
attention to those who do not know the message of the lm.
The result of this study reveals that there are several moral
values in the character of Alex Pruitt, for instance: helpful-
ness, humbleness, justice, honesty and heroism.

Key Words : Film, Moral Values, Characters.

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