Self-Actualization In Sir Arthur Conan Doyles The Sign Of Four: A Psychological Approach.

Galuh Pramestia Ningrum


In the novelette The Sign of
Four there are some aspects of humans life that we can nd
in our daily life. Family, friends, and love become part of
our life and these become an interesting subject to discuss.
The writer is curious about the personal life of Sherlock
Holmes, so that the writer wants to nd out and understand
the character of personal life on Sherlock Holmes in the nov-
elette The Sign of Four. In arranging this scientic research,
the writer uses Sherlock Holmes as the main data. Before
analyzing the writer reads the novelette several times and
focus on the subject that the writer want to discuss. After
read the novelette, the writer tries to analyze the charac-
ter that appears in this novelette becomes the subject of
this research especially the character of Sherlock Holmes.
To complete the data, the writer uses a library research
and psychological approach also the internet facilities. The
aims of this research are try to nd out the main characters
and to know how the main character solves a problem. The
writer gets the result from this scientic research after ana-
lyzing the character of Sherlock Holmes that a problem can
be solved if based on a calm mind, and high of awareness
and intention to solve the problem. And we must consider
that as a human being we do not live alone, we denitely
need another person and we must live socially.

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