A Psychological Approach on Harry Silvers Character in the Novel Man and Wife

Devi Yolandasari


Man and wife was written by Tony Parson
talking about the life of Harry Silver. Harry Silver is a
man who feels ready to set his life again. After the mar-
riage, he experienced a divorce. In fact, his second mar-
riages life is not as easy as he imagined. He must divide
his attention between his wife and his exwife, his son and
step-daughter, between his wife's career. The writer used
qualitative method to solve the problem. The aims of this
study, the writer wants to nd out what the characteristics
of Harry Silver are and how Sigmund Freuds theory person-
ality concern with Harry Silver characters. The results of
this research in Harry Silvers characters and the Sigmund
Freud theory concerns with Harry Silvers characters are.
Loving it represents Ego, because he followed the princi-
ple of reality in the outside world. Egoist it represents Id,
because Id is the pleasure principle or satises all the en-
couragement that comes from human nature. Jealous (Bad
Tempered) it represents Id, Id is the encouragement of ag-
gression. Cheater it represent Id but in this case Harrys Id
got Superego impulse to change his Id become Superego, as
Sigmund Freuds theory Superego could endure Id impulse.
Keyword: A Psychological Approach, Man and Wife.

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