A Psychological Approach of Doctor Austin Slopers Character in Washington Square By Henry James



The Wash-
ington Square was written by Henry James. The story of
this novelette is about Doctor Austin Slopers life as the
main character. He is the temperament of a person, easily
upset even though he has a good heart. he loved Cather-
ine. The aims of this study are to nd out the character of
Doctor Austin Sloper in the psychological approach. The
writer reads and analyzes only the characteristic of the main
character, Doctor Austin Sloper. In writing this scientic
research paper, the writer uses Washington Square as the
main data. The writer also read some book and dictionar-
ies. The writer uses the library research in arranging this
research paper and also uses the internet facilities to com-
plete the data. Finally the writer analyzes the novelette by
using psychological approach. The result of this scientic
research show that the character of Doctor Austin Sloper
is a quick tempered but also quickly calm down without
hatred, pursuing honors, generous and protective.

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