The Mastery Level of Using Verb in Simple Present in SMPN 16

Citra Noviadona Nurindah Sari


Learning about grammar it will ease
us in writing and speaking. Because of that grammar must
be taught and learned from a minor age. In this scientic
writing, the writer explains about one of basic grammatical
tenses, simple present tense and takes an objective study
from the student SMPN 16 Bekasi, 2nd grade. The writer
wants to nd out how good the second grade student of
SMPN 16 Bekasi in understanding about using verb on sim-
ple present tense. Qualitative and quantitative method are
used by the writer to solve the problem. The writer gave
questioners in analyzing the mastery level of second graders
of SMPN 16 in understanding the usage of verb in simple
present tense. The questioner is in essay which consist of
20 question given to 40 students as sample. After data had
been analyzed the writer found that the level of mastering
of second grade of SMPN 16 Bekasi in understanding the
usage of verb in simple present tense was in level Enough.

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