Inaccuracy in the Translation of Childrens Short Stories Made By Google Machine Translation

Nor Anisah Jamil


One way to translate is using machine translation,
one of machine translations is used by people is Google
Translate. Sometimes mistakes are made in the analysis
of the source text or in the transfer process and the result
is wrong. In this condition, a careful check for accuracy is
needed. In this research, the writer focuses on the inac-
curacy of translation made by Google translate. The aim
of this research is to nd out inaccuracy of translation by
Google translate. In this research, the method that is used
is a descriptive qualitative research method. A qualitative
descriptive research method involves intensive data collec-
tion, which is the collection of extensive wrong sentences,
not in the form of numbers. the source of the data is the
translation of 20 childrens short stories made by Google
translate. The results of this research are 529 inaccuracies
ve types of Inaccuracy. The rst type is literal translation,
(297 inaccuracies or 56, 74

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