The Analysis of Pejoration and Amelioration in Alice Walkers The Color Purple

Yunawati Yunawati


Pejoration and amelioration are some types of the
meaning change. The pejoration is degenerating of meaning
while amelioration is elevating of meaning. In this research,
the writer wanted to know about the pejoration and the
amelioration process that happened in Alice walkers The
Color Purple. The aims of this research are to know what
words that experienced the pejoration and the ameliora-
tion process, and to describe what process that makes the
meaning change. The writer used the qualitative method
to analyze the process of pejoration or the amelioration by
using library research. The writer found that there are
many words experienced pejoration; they are: tities, pussy;
and amelioration process; they are: rouge, etc. Finally the
writer concluded that the pajoration and the amelioration
process were found in the Alice Walkers The Color Purple.
The writer found that history, society and people in
the shaping of the meaning changes, which is pejoration and
amelioration process.

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