An Analysis on Figure of Speech in John Donne Poetry

Vidia Puspita


The Writer does this research entitled An
Analysis on Figure of Speech in John Donne Poetry. The
number of poetries selected is three, which include, Hymn
to God my God, In My Sickness, a Hymn to God the Fa-
ther, and Death, be not Proud The problem of this research
is what types of gure of speech are used in these poetry.
The aim of this research is to describe the kinds of gures
of speech which used in the poems The writer is interested
in choosing this research because gure of speech is one of
important elements in poetry, besides it does not have lit-
eral meaning. In this research, the writer uses a qualitative
method. After analyzing the poetry, the writer found some
gure of speech which uses in each poetry. In Hymn to God
My God, in My Sickness poem, the writer found Personi-
cation, Metaphor, and Metonymy. In Hymn to God the
Father poem, the writer found Hyperbole and Metonymy.
In the last poem of Death, be not Proud, the writer found
Personication, Metaphor, and Synecdoche.

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