Characteristics of Bella Swan in the Novel New Moon

Mochammad Arya Rizky


In this research, the writer wants to know
about the characteristics of Bella Swan as the main char-
acter in the novel New Moon. The writer is interested to
analyze Bella swan because she is the main character in
New Moon novel. The objective of this research is to nd
out the characteristics of Bella Swan. The problem of this
research is what are the characteristics of Bella Swan. This
research uses qualitative method. The source of this re-
search is New Moon novel. The technique of collecting data
are by reading New moon, underline the quotation which
show Bella Swan characteristics. To nd out the character-
istics of Bella Swan, the writer uses techniques of analyzing
data by analyze each characteristics of Bella Swan, write
conclusion for the characteristics of Bella Swan. After an-
alyzing this research paper, novel New Moon by Stephenie
Meyer, the writer gets result, the characteristics of Bella
Swan are, pessimist, condent, rebel, honest, curious.

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