Schizophrenia of Naoko on Haruki Murakamis Norwegian Wood (A Psychological Approach)

Cholid Cholid


In Indonesia, 80 percents
people with schizophrenia were let staying on the road or
stocked. And even if the possibility to be cured is small but
if schizophrenic has treatment from the beginning, there will
be a chance for him or her to be cured. The aims of the re-
search are to describe what schizophrenia is, to describe the
characteristics of schizophrenia re
ecting in Naokos charac-
ter, to describe why Naoko is suering from schizophrenia,
and to describe the kind of schizophrenia that Naoko is
suering from. The method of this research is qualitative
method because the resulting data of the study is presented
in the form of quotations or descriptions. The result of the
research are (1) schizophrenia is a group of psychological
disorder that is divided by two symptoms, positive and neg-
ative, (2) Negative symptoms are characterized by thought
disorder, delusion, and hallucination, while the negative are
poverty of speech, social withdrawal, and inability to expe-
rience pleasure, (3) the schizophrenia is caused by genetic
cause, (4) the schizophrenia is classied into undierenti-
ated schizophrenia.

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