Strategies in Translating English Similes into Indonesian

Annisa Rianty


Strategies in Trans-
lation, Simile In English language or Indonesian there is
one way for securing variety written expression, and it is
called as gure of speech that also can be found in any other
languages. Because any gure of speech introduces an am-
biguity between literal and gurative interpretation. Some
important gure of speech are simile, metaphor, personica-
tion, hyperbole, and symbol. This study entitled Strategies
in Translating English Similes into Indonesian discussed the
problems of translation and some strategies of translation
is dealing with English simile. The aim of this study was
to annotate the translation of english simile. There were
64 items classied into faithful translation and 36 classied
into communicative translation that were analyzed. The
researcher used some theories of translation and process of
translation. There are 30 diculties that were annotated
consisting of 15 faithful translation and 15 communicative
translation. Translation means the activity of translating
about errors in translation from dierent language to tar-
get language.

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