English Gerunds



The English sentences contain a lot of
gerunds. A gerund can be used as subject, as a subjective
complement, as an object of transitive verb, as an object
of preposition, as an appositive, in the following construc-
tion, after certain verbs, after article, after demonstrative
adjective, after possesive adjective,. The problem of this re-
search is about the usages of gerund. The objectives of this
research to analyze the usage of gerunds which are used in
the novel Revolt in Paradise. The writer used descriptive-
qualitative research as the research method. As a result,
the writer found 167 sentences that contain gerunds in the
novel. They are 17 sentences that have functions as sub-
ject; 1 sentence that used after demonstrative adjective; 74
sentences that have functions as object of preposition; 20
sentences that used after possessive adjective; 39 sentences
that used after article; and 16 sentences that used after
certain verbs.

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