Pudji Astuti, Euphrasia Susi Suhendra


Salary and Wage System in the writing of this report is a practical work
procedures or an explanation of the process start from salary data input
conducted by the Human resources departent to the distribution of salaries to
employees conducted by the bank which has been working with the company.
Because to understand whether a company is well run or not, it can be known
from the salary system found on the company. The purpose of salary and wage
system is to determine salary and wage system applied by the PT. PLN Persero,
documents created in the salary process, part involved in the salary system, and
to find out if the company has gone well with the use of the system that has been
used. From the practical work of writing this reportthe writer tried to describe
the system used in salary in the company relevant sections based on the SAP
system. While generally the salary system and Wage At PT. PLN Persero AJ
Gambier is the salary system used in the company had gone well. Which in turn
distribute to employees any wages went smoothly with the use of the system
used by PT. PLN Persero so there is no complaint by the employee's salary

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