Pramitha Dika Saputri, Adi Kuswanto


Every good company and commercial services company should be able to
determine the amount of cash they need. This is required so that any funds
contained in the company can be used appropriately and optimally without any
allegations of wrongdoing so that the companys needs can be met well.
Calculation was performed to compare between the state of the company with
the Baumol model in order to know that the total cost is more effective. PT.
Anugerah Bintang Perkasa is a company engaged in the transportation, trading,
printing services, industrial, workshops and development. As a large company
PT. BAP also requires the calculation of the optimal amount of cash for filling
cash. Determination of the optimal amount of cash is very helpful in allocating
funds for essential needs of the company. The Company uses the Baumol
(constant cash flow) in determining the optimal amount of cash. This is because
companies do charge cash with the same amount each month. Application of
this model is more effective when compared to the calculation based on the
company. This can be seen from the amount of cash that can be used optimally
in the company. So that the company needs can be met well.

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