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Expectations of good tax administration andthe greater right lately. In line with the spirit of reform,the public demands of governance and the provision ofbetter services, better known by good governance as theimplications for tax levies that have been made to thecommunity. Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) as aninstitution that continues to grow still have shortcomings,judging from the world's climate is far more competitiveand dynamic, and linked to service orientation as a formof commitment to the Directorate General of Taxes on thetaxpayer. With the above denition, then the problemarises: How perceptions of rural communities to theprocess of tax administration in terms of tax Registration,Payment of Taxes and Tax Reporting on the Ex. AdimulyoCentral Java. Of the problem researchers aim to providea snapshot of public perception of the tax administrationprocess in terms of Registration Tax, Tax Payments andTax Reporting Adimulyo administrative area of ??CentralJava. From the analysis of Friedman's Chi Square Test Y= 108.201 + 30.983 101.794 X1 + X2 + X3 27.120, thusit can be seen that if the Public Perception of ProcessAgainst the Administration of Taxation further enhancedthe awareness and interest in the taxpayer paying tax atthe KPP Primary Kel.Adimulyo will increase. PenamaanFile: 21207109

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