COMPARATIVE Riau Islands province Budget FISCAL ANALYSIS YEAR 2005-2006



It could be argued thatthe heart of the management of local government agenciesare local nance (budget). Given a source of budget comesfrom the state budget, the budget process is governed byLaw No.33/2004 on Financial Considerations between Cen-tral and Local Government that its spread is set in the PPNo.58/2005 on Regional Financial Management and otherrelated PP. For the control of local nancial managementrequires the local government nancial reports that provideinformation on income, nancing, assets, liabilities, and eq-uity funds as well as local government cash ows are re-alized in several types of reports, namely: Balance Sheet,Statement of Cash Flows, and the realization of the BudgetReport. Particularly in the Riau Islands Province. Thisstudy aims: (1) Determine whether or not developing theBalance Sheet, Budget and Actual, (2) To provide assur-ance whether the nancial statements as the Riau IslandsProvincial Government accountable for the realization ofthe budget report for Fiscal Year 2006 has been fairly pre-sented in accordance with accounting principles set forthin Government Accounting Standards and other applicablelaws. Penamaan File: 21206225

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