Income Statement On Hermina Hospital Installation, East Jakarta

Yanti Mardiyanti


Recording of income is one ofthe problems faced by the accounting profession whileaccounting has general guidelines for determining whento be recognized. Method to recognize revenue HerminaHospital is a method acrrual base. Based on the datathat the author got from Hermina Hospital, the authorswill try to discuss about the recording of the installationof Income hospitalization at Hermina Hospital in 2009.From the results of these studies can be concluded thatthe admission records of Income on Hermina Hospital isin accordance with SFAS 23 due to using the accrual basismethod in it. By choosing the theme of this listing Incomewriter can hope to understand more revenue, especially inthe installation of inpatient revenue Hermina Hospital inEast Jakarta. Penamaan File: 21206042

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