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At the present time many nancialinstitutions to grow and thrive in the economy in Indonesia.One of the largest nancial institutions in the economyis a nancial institution Bank. Banks are institutionscompile and distribute funds from the public back in avariety of investment alternatives bermafaat to improveliving standards for the public, in this case the publictrust factor becomes a major factor in running a majorbusiness banking. One of the problems faced in bankingin Indonesia today is a health problem banks. There isa possibility it was caused by an increasingly diculteconomic conditions resulting in increased risk of a bank'snancial diculties. In this case, allow the treatmentwhich resulted in unhealthy decline in bank soundness. Inthis paper the rating of the bank performed using CAMELanalysis. Financial ratios used in the analysis of CAMELconsists of seven of the CAR, KAP, CAD, ROA, BOPO,LDR and NCM to CA. And to aspects of management (M),used two aspects of general management and managementresiko.Berdasarkan calculations carried out, it can beconcluded predicate obtained by PT. State Savings Bank(LIMITED), Tbk. for 2007, 2008, and 2009 is healthy.With the following details, for the year 2007 the StateSavings Bank PT (Persero), Tbk predicate "healthy" witha score of 95.10 CAMEL. In 2008 PT. State Savings Bank(LIMITED), Tbk predicate "healthy" with a score of 88.83CAMEL and 2009, PT. State Savings Bank (LIMITED),Tbk. Getting a predicate "healthy" with a score of 93.19CAMEL. Penamaan File: 21205342

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