Calculation of Interest Sales Analysis By PT Sartika Sarana Jaya

Ade Sjachputra


often called, to increasethe seller. Namely the sale of the way payment is made instages or gradually. In the next installment sales accountfor prots, the company also takes into account the interestexpense to total income in the installment contract. Theobject of scientic writing is PT. Sartika Sarana JayaJakarta.Dalam discussion will be the amount of interestcalculated using the Flat, and annuitet to see which methodis used by the company. From the calculation of sampleobtained through eld study on PT. Sartika Sarana JayaJakarta, obtained results of the comparison between theinterest calculation method Flat, and methods Annuitet.The results of these calculations is known that this methodgives Flat rate greater than the method Annuitet. WithFlat method, the company is also easier to calculate theamount of interest due to sucient calculated only onceat the beginning of the installment contract and the sameamount each period (xed). This also makes it easy forconsumers to calculate the payment they need to do,because the amount to be paid for any period of equalmagnitude, whereas if the method annuitet more dicultbecause the amount is not xed. Penamaan File: 21203346

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