Analysis Of MerchandiseIinventory Using FIFO and Average

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In this paper discussed the analysis of mer-chandise inventory using FIFO and Average. on pemba-hasanya author will use the data object that is anti-bioticdrugs including Amoxan 500 mg, 200 mg injection Nicolinand Tiamisin Syrup. data the data was taken from oneof the polyclinic at the polyclinic Gunadarma Jakarta Tan-jung Duren. on the calculation of merchandise inventoriesand Average FIFO will be described and explained by thetable, where the chart will look out the product, the prod-uct is received and the value of inventories. then it can beseen the next result is the end product inventory, the cost ofgoods sold, ending inventory in the form of dollars and grossprot. the FIFO method is known from the existing trans-action processing in Tanjung Duren Gunadarma poloklinikseen from the data received by poliklik products and datareleased to consumers polyclinic recorded in tabular formthe FIFO. then from the FIFO table is searched an aver-age value or Average. seen from the eciency of the twotables between the FIFO and Average of the most ecientwith the use of tables Average FIFO because the results ob-tained from the FIFO itself. in other words must be knownin advance FIFOnya new tables can be determined AveragePenamaan File: 21202913

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