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Cost of goods orders is one important
element in the manufacturing companies that can assist in
determining the issue price of the product. Rio gypsum
order cost calculation using the traditional system to
determine the cost of the order. To calculate the cost of
the order of a company should plan carefully in advance to
what the cost of the order. So the opportunity is known
in the future with the wisdom of the decision what is
best for the company. Cost of goods orders indicated
that one of the most important management functions
of the cost of collecting costs of production orders are
used by companies in order to manage production. Cost
of the order is planning ang panj term or in a particular
accounting period based on the costs that occur within
the company. Therefore, the calculation of the cost of the
order should be applied in any company, because in the
calculation of the cost of the order has been covering all
fees charged in cost of the order.

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