Niwayan Widya Ardani


Pawnshop Sharia as Islamic nancial institutions
are based on and serves as a nancing institution to lend
to customers who called Murtahin. The Islamic pawnshop
pawnshop here is dierent from conventional, Islamic pawn-
shop where in there are 2 contract, the contract Rahn and
Ijarah. In the Islamic pawnshop system imposed no inter-
est which is usually found in conventional mortgage, but
the Islamic pawnshop there are cost savings services into
prot Islamic pawnshop. The purpose of this research is to
nd out how mortgage loans on Sharia Pawnshop Branch
Islamic Center of Jakarta. How to lending imposed on Is-
lamic pawnshop is quite easy, where the customer is only
by bringing a photocopy of ID card and then pawned goods
immediately get a loan, then technically be carried out as-
sessments of the items to be on the mortgage, within 15
minutes the customer will get the loans they need. Sharia
will provide a facility Pawnshop Pawn Sharia (Rahn) with
a ceiling Marhun BiH (MB) which bervarisai, ranging from
Rp 20,000 to Rp 200,000,000. with a term loan provided
by the Parties to the pawnshop for 4 months. And if the
customer wants to extend they enough to renew the akad.
The author takes the data from Sharia Pawnshop Branch
Bekasi Islamic Center, located in West Jakarta. Penamaan
File: 20208878

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