Dierential INFORMATION ANALYSIS IN Taking DECISION TO SELL DIRECTLY OR have further Body part IN PD. DWI motor

Dwi Fajar Wati


Taking a decision
is one function managers. Costs and revenues are relevan
for depending on the context of the decision-making and
an aternative available. and the nal stage of the process
taking's decision 'managers to compare two or more series
alternative actions and taking's decision selling directly or
commented on more body part accounting diferensia which
treated not management there diferensia income and cost
diferensia. And decision rule diferensia side there choose
which poured big cremeta. Prot incrementa the dierence
between revenue relevan and cost relevan every alternative
choosing. If we see it is open between diferensia income
(and expenses diferensia positive 'then the decision there
aere commented more continue but if all side negative then
the decision there sell directly. after full it is emphasize us-
ing accounting information diferensia apparently between
income and expenses diferensia on PD. Dwi Motor. Pena-
maan File: 20208398

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