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In entering the
era of globalization of information, of course, demanding
information needs of information management, appropriate
and ecient to be used by users in all elds of development.
Therefore, the information needed to support development
eorts in order to achieve optimal development outcome.
Information becomes a very important part for the system
of accounting services at a garage sale Eddy motorcycle. In
this scientic writing,it is discussed about the design of the
system is still a manual accounting system based on the
service computer service. This scientic writing is intended
to determine the accounting systems and procedures that
apply to the sale of garage services Motorcycle Eddy has
been working eectively or not. To obtain the required
data, the writer conducted a study on the workshop Eddy
Motor, which is a company engaged in the service eld
servicing of motor vehicles. Based on research conducted,
Eddy Motorcycle garage sales are still using manual system
that is hindering the process of reporting and decision
making. For that by using computer-based accounting
information systems to support the sales process, it can
be produced more accurate reporting and the quality and
speed in decision making.

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