The Analysis of Changes the Stock Price Eects at PT Bank Mandiri Tbk To the Composite of Stock Price Index in Indonesia of Stock Exchange

Widyati Army


The Capital of markets have a very important
role in the activities of a country's economy, because capital
markets perform two functions, rst as a means for nancing
the business and the second is a means for people to invest
in nancial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds,
etc. other. The proceeds from the capital markets can be
used for business development as well as additional work-
ing capital, so the company can operate with a larger scale
in increasing revenues and public prosperity. The purpose
of this study is to be able to know the stock price changes
at PT Bank Mandiri Tbk to Composite Stock Price Index
(CSPI) in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This can be evi-
denced by the value t count = 20.05> t table value = 2.228 so
that decisions can be taken Ho is rejected and Ha accepted,
which means there is in
uence between the level of stock
price changes of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk of Jakarta Compos-
ite Index in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on period
in 2009. From the calculation results of the correlation co-
ecient of 0.988 was obtained. It can be concluded that the
shape of the relationship between stock prices at PT Bank
Mandiri Tbk with the changes in the composite share price
index (CSPI) is very close.

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