The Analysis of Production Cost Eciency By The Approaches of Just In Time System At PT. Goodyear Indonesia, Tbk

Fachriza Fachriza


Just In Time Sys-
tem is the manufacture of production components just in
time to fulll the needs of production and manufacture in
a little with time. The background of the emergence is
Just In Time because there is a waste (labor, space, time
of production) that occurs because of inventory resulting
in higher production costs. From the analysis carried out
within the implementation of Just In Time System to make
an eciention of cost the production process, especially in
the purchase of raw materials that work eectively with a
stable quality level in accordance to the wishes of manage-
ment that can be analyzed by using the formula MCE (Man-
ufacturing Cycle Eciency) and cycle time as analysis tools.
In the implementation of Just In Time System to make the
eciention the raw of material costs of The Company may
use the method of EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) to con-
trol the supply of raw materials, so there is no storage of
raw material inventory.

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