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With the
development of the business world very rapidly in the
present, there are many intense competition among similar
companies. To be able to compete with other companies,
companies must be able to manage the entire property, li-
abilities and capital owned as much as possible so that the
company's operations can be run well. The purpose of this
study was to determine the results of analysis of company -
nancial statements, knowing the level of liquidity, protabil-
ity and solvency of the company. The analysis of nancial
statements is a very important analysis, because it can be
discovered by analysis of a company's ability to fulll the
obligation, to measure business eciency and protability
achieved by the company. In general, a company founded
with the aim to maximize rm value. To achieve these ob-
jectives and capabilities needed funds in its management.
Successful of management eorts rely heavily on the abil-
ity of management to manage working capital and potential
sources of the company. To determine the ability of compa-
nies in the nancial performance of the authors analyze its
nancial performance by using the ratio of liquidity, prof-
itability and solvency. By analyzing these ratios it can help
companies in nancial planning and in decision-making. Af-
ter conducting research and analyzing it, the authors draw
the conclusion that the liquidity of the cigarette company
in the year 2007-2009 the average increased despite a de-
cline. Judging from the Solvency average company perfor-
mance both as assets and own capital owned greater than
the debt owned. And measured by protability, almost all
cigarette companies have increased and can be said to be
protable unless the PT BAT Indonesia Tbk.

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