Keyword: Keywords: Budgetary Control, PHP, SQL Server.
ABSTRACT:Budgetary Control application is an application used for controlling of budgets and spending plans that have been planned, the application is built to improve the performance of the company PT Indo Pratama Teleglobal., Because all this time, a process that lasts still manually so it takes longer to approve the budget proposal submitted. The first process is the staff will make a budget plan with a certain amount, then all the budget plan will be reviewed by the manager. If the budget plan does not match the criteria, then the budget plan will be rejected by the manager. Any budget plan that has not been approved by the manager to be repaired again by staff and will be checked again by the manager. All proposed budget will be stored in a database. Budget plan approved by the manager will be realized to the source ¬ enterprise resource expenditure. The sources of these expenses are: Purchase requisition (PR), Purchase Order (PO), Direct Purchase (PL), Job Order Request (Jor), Work Order (SPK). Sources have reported that expenditures can be viewed by the user application at any time. Description of the source of expenditure is described as follows: • Request for purchase (Purchase requisition) created by staff and will be reviewed by the manager. Manager will determine the status of purchase requests whether approved or rejected. • Any expenditure request purchase (Purchase requisition) that have been approved by the manager will be used to make purchases direct expenditure (PL) and the purchase order (Purchase Order) by the company. Direct Purchase can be done based on the purchase request and without reservation purchases.• Source of expenditure to request a job (Job Order Request) will be planned by staff and will be reviewed by the manager. Manager will determine whether employment status of the request is rejected or approved.• If demand for the job (Job Order Request) has approved the request would be used to generate Work Order (DSS) based on job demand (Job Order Request).All expenditure data will be stored and made in the form of statements of expenditure. • The report of this expenditure can be seen by all users who use the application unless the administrator.This application was built using programming language PHP and uses SQL Server 2000 database.

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