Muhamad Tri Wibisono


Light is much needed
by us as humans to illuminate a room or a place at a
time when dark or when night falls. Each house must
use lights for illumination. Not only serves in the room
lights are also useful in the outdoors. Outdoor lights
sometimes uncontrolled use because of its location outside
the home so that we sometimes forget to turn o or turn
on the lights. Therefore, there was made based Automatic
Outdoor Lighting Atmega 8535 that the lamp can work
automatically without the need to make you worry about
your habit of forgetting to turn o or turn on outdoor
lights. Based Automatic Outdoor lights Atmega 8535 is a
simple circuit that uses microcontrollers as the brains of a
series ATMEGA8535 automatic lights. The series of works
based on the auto light sensor light will turn on when the
sensor is not exposed to light (night) and will die when the
sensor is exposed to light (daylight), so the lights will work
automatically and helps us to facilitate outdoor lights.
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