Muhamad Muchlis


One of the culinary demands other than lie in a sense, is the
presentation of the dishes at the desired speed of the
visitors. Fast-food system became a popular alternative at
this time. One example is a lot of eating places that serve
fast food at serving drinks, the drinking water depots are
automatic. But the fact its on places to eat are generally
still manual or mechanical because it still uses human
power to operate. The purpose of this study was to design
and build an automatic water lling devices by using a
microcontroller that can be used in fast food beverage
service. After doing the research stage, the test results
showed the tool to function properly during charging, but
for some kinds of glass the size and type of
uid and the
clock takes a dierent lling instructions. Based on the
analysis and testing has been done can be concluded that
the tools are generally designed to function properly and
ready to be implemented in places where food providers
such as cafes, restaurants, hotels and so on. Penamaan
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