ANALYSIS APPLICATION computer main- board by using Microcontroller AT89S51 CODE READERS AS A SEVEN SEGMENT mainboard POST CARD

Lukman Hasyim


Top of Form There are many
problems that can arise in operating a computer, both hard-
ware and software. A common problem that is pa-da one of
the most important part of the computer main board. To
make it easier in the process Main board repair, computer
service technicians often use a tool that is a hardware that
is commercially sold under the name of Defect Post Card
Main board. Main board Defect Post Card is a tool to de-
tect any problems with the main board, especially the POST
(Power On Self Test). Processes that occur on a computer
by the tools is shown through the codes that appear on the
seven segment it, and to nd an explanation of the codes
are seven segment of the technician must perform readings
manually, which is shown on the books users are always
included in the manual purchase of such equipment. Expla-
nation of the process of nding the codes seven seg-ment
which made the technician takes a long time, so the Post
Card use Main board Defect become less eective. The best
solution to overcome the problem to no eectiveness Main
board Defect Post Card is the process of nding an explana-
tion seven segment code be made automatic, so that a long
time that occurred during the seven segment code search
for explanations can be eliminated or reduced. To mani-
fest such a solution the authors make an application with
the name, Application Analysis by Using Computer Main
board Microcontroller AT89S51 as The reader Main board
Seven Segment Code Defect Post Card. The application is
an application that can computerize process of reading the
codes on the seven segment Main board Defect Post Card
and includes features Main board computer service trans-
action services. Results obtained from the realization of a
solution or application that is much easier for a computer
technician in analyzing the main board is damaged more
quickly, easily, and accurately. Bottom of Form Penamaan
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